Hemaics Dolomiti 2019

This is how the 2019 edition looked like!

The event

Hemaics Dolomiti is the first event dedicated to Historical Fencing organised in the City of Feltre, at the gates of the Dolomites, in Belluno Province. A weekend focused on competition, learning and sharing in one of the most beautiful fortified city in Veneto Region. JOIN US!

This event is organised by the association 1595 Dolomiti in cooperation with AICS, and patronised by the Province of Belluno-Dolomites and the City of Feltre. The money raised will be donated to the Oncology Unit of the ULSS 1 – Dolomiti.

Three tournaments

Wich is your favourite weapon?

Longsword Open
Longsword Women
Renaissance Sidesword/Rapier Open

Three Workshops

Three workshops to explore different approaches to the study of the Art of Fencing.

The management of measure implies the choice of different target and therefore the choice of different timing in fencing. The n the class by Federico will be focused on how to choose actions of first or second intention.

Federico started his path in Historical Fencing in 2013 in Edinburgh (Scotland), where he trained at the DDS, and then in Glasgow with Keith Farrel. Once back in Italy, he joined the Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso in Asola, where after shortly he started to teach. He also trained at the Sala d’Arme delle Due Maestà in Reggio Emilia, where he tought German Longsword and studied the Flos Duellatorum.

In 2018 he moved to Paris, in France. Since then he trains at the Salles d’Armes d’Escrime Ancienne with Master Jean Francois Gilles. At the same time is attending or giving one-to-one or group classes travelling in different Countries (Poland, Holland, Russia, besides France and Italy).

– “First of all I would like that You declare me a doubt. You told me, that every blow can be parried: thus how could the enemy be  wounded?” “With time. Because each time, that You will wound in time, You will be safe. And on the contrary, when You will wound out of time, You could be hurt” – Giovanni dall’Agocchie

An overview on timing in fencing, from the right choice of time to execute an offensive action to what is defined as “fencing time” by the authors of the XVI century.

Jonathan is a Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo assistant instructor since November 2012 at the fencing salles SAAM in Friuli Venezia Giulia. His research and study are focused on the Bolognese tradition of the XVI century, primarily on sidesword, sidesword and dagger, sidesword and cape, sidesword and rotella.

Since 2016 is a FIS I level fencing instructor, after two years of internship in the olympic fencing salle Fiore dei Liberi in Cividale del Friuli, managing fencing courses for kids.
Besides teaching, Jonathan is actively competing in tournaments with several placements on podium in the last 6 years. Recently he got:

  • 3rd place in sidesword at Aper Mediolanensis 2017
  • 2nd place in sidesword and dagger at SAAM tournament 2017
  • 3rd posto in longsword SAAM tournament 2018

The study and use of two weapons, in particular sword and dagger, meets the necessity of the Italian school of defense and offense in the same time. The class will be focused on exercises for correct body coordination both in defensive and offensive actions.

Luca starts to practice historical fencing in 2005 in FISAS, studing with Master Andrea Lupo Sinclair. While studing fencing, he trains in other martial arts and combat sports, in particular in boxing. In 2013 he joins the 1595 Club and since then follows Master Chris Chatfield. He teaches at the salle d’armes 1595 Dolomiti in Sedico (BL), where he focuses his classes on sword alone and sword and dagger of the late XVI century.

The Fechtschule

Sparring is great, but even more when done it with style. Thanks to the Municipality of Feltre it will be possibile to participate in the “Fencing School” in the extraordinary venue of Piazza Maggiore (main square of the city), an hour of free fencing after which the best fencer will be chosen by the votes of other fencers.

Sparring and sharing your knowledge

During the event there will be areas available for sparring and studing, in order to give everybody to opportunity to meet fence and share.

The town of Feltre

Feltre is an ancient city, whose roots are dating back to the Paleovenetic era. It became lately a blooming centre during the Roman era. Today is a wonderful Renaissance city, rebuilt after the distruction by Maximilian I in 1510 during the Cambric War, because Feltre was part of the Venetian Republic.

Lying in the Valbelluna is sorruonded by the Dolomitic Prealps and the Feltrin Peaks.

How to get to Feltre

L’evento si svolgerà presso la Palestra Luzzo, Via Luigi Negrelli 2, 32032 Feltre BL. In caso di bel tempo, la Fechtschule avrà luogo nel cuore del borgo, nella suggestiva cornice di Piazza Maggiore.

By train:
  • from Padua with the line Padova – Montebelluna – Belluno – Calalzo
  • from Venice with the line Venezia – Treviso – Montebelluna – Belluno – Calalzo
  • from Venice with the line Venezia – Castelfranco – Montebelluna – Belluno – Calalzo
  • from Milan changing in Padua (line Milano-Venezia) or in Castelfranco (line Milano-Castelfranco-Treviso-Udine).

For further information you can visit the Italian Railways Ferrovie dello Stato

By car:
  • from Padua passing through Castelfranco or Bassano (direction Trento)
  • from Venice passing through Treviso-Montebelluna
  • from Mila driving on the motorway Serenissima until Vicenza, then on the motorway Valdastico until Dueville and then on the freeway Valsugana (direction Trento), until the crossroad for Feltre
By plane:


For Hemaics Dolomiti we agreed special prices for the participants with Hotel Casagrande in Feltre (www.hotelcasagrande.it). We kindly ask you to contact directly the hotel, informing about your participation in our event to get a discount.

Prices for participants with B&B treatment are:

  • double room, Eur 40 per person
  • three/four beds room, Eur 35 per person
  • single room, Eur 53