1595 Club Dolomiti

1595. Dolomiti is a historical European martial arts school focused on the study of historical fencing and its diffusion in the Dolomites area. Our goal is, besides the martial practice, the enhancement of our territory and its history.


Our study follows the line drawn by our Master Chris Chatfield, founder of 1595. Club, a school established in 2002 with salle d’armes in England, Ireland and Italy. The main source for our research is the treatise “His Practice”, written by the Paduan Gentleman Vincentio Saviolo and published in London in the year 1595, and its interpretation by the 1595. Club.


The practice of this martial art is more than just a historical curiosity. For this reason we do not limit ourselves to research a lost form of combat, but we study and apply its principles to other armed forms and to unarmed combat.

Fencing is conceived as a way, the sword as a teacher.

Proper practice requires the use of appropriate tools for optimal technical execution. For this reason our school uses only accurate replicas of historical weapons developed with trusted craftsmen.


The study of a martial art must allow the practitioner to test what has been learned during the lessons. Our training includes, in addition to a proper conditioning, also sparring sessions conducted with adequate protections and faithful replicas of Renaissance historical weapons and the early Baroque age.


Our training sessions are held in Sedico (BL), at the Tennis Club in Via Villa 7, with the following times: Monday 18.45-20.00, Thursday 18.45-20.00. If you are curious to try …

The 1595. Dolomiti is a Supporting Member of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation